Vocal nodules | nodules on vocal chords

Recommendations for selecting products by severity level

Light – moderate Nodules – TMRG TPV Standard

Moderate to severe NodulesTMRG TPV Premium

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  • TMRG Voice Therapy kit – Standard (TVT-S)

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All you need to know about Nodules

Vocal nodules

Vocal nodules is a common vocational illness of vocal professionals.


What are vocal nodules?

They look like bulges on the vocal cords. Usually, they are arranged in a symmetrical form, facing each other.  They are more common among women and children than among men, since the former speak with a higher tone, which exposes the cords to more intense contraction and stretching.

  Common causes of vocal nodules

  • Overstraining or misuse of the vocal cords.
  • Vocal overload due to excessive acidity or phlegm, or premature resumption of normal vocal routine after a cold, while one’s voice is yet to recover fully.
  • In female teachers, it may be a postnatal effect.
  • A combination of vocal load with specific physical weakness. (This can cause vocal nodules even among those who use the vocal techniques recommended by vocal instructors and speech therapists).


Vocal nodules symptoms:

  • Hoarseness;
  • Gritty voice;
  • Breaking voice;
  • Failure to control tone range;
  • Discomfort;
  • Exhaustion;
  • Pain;
  • Vocal difficulties and constraints;
  • Low vocal quality, which might lead to a breathy voice, due to incomplete vocal colds closure;
  • In extreme cases, depression and unwillingness to communicate.


How to prevent vocal nodules

General speaking, the way to avoid nodules is to make sure you use your vocal cords in a healthy way:

  • Avoid shouting or continuous speech, with no rest.
  • Be attentive to your vocal needs: if you feel vocal fatigue or your voice seems less than optimal, you should let it rest, by avoiding pressing it and minimizing vocal intensity.
  • Take preventive actions: wash your mouth with salt, gargle vinegar, or use TMRG’s vocal system protection and support solutions and devices.

 Vocal Nodules Treatment:

Previously, the usual treatment was a surgical removal of the nodules. This treatment has its downsides.  The surgery might damage the vocal cords’ inner layers. In addition, even a successful surgery cannot prevent the recurrence of nodules, unless you use a better vocal technique.

TMRG’s new  fundamental treatment

The fundamental treatment is vocal exercises with a TPV device. This innovative treatment has already gained reputation as a comprehensive solution for vocal cords nodules. In addition to treating the nodules, it also offers vocal cords and general muscle relaxation, strengthening your respiratory muscles, and good sensation in general. The TPV device makes this treatment  very easy.

TPV treatment’s advantages:

  • It is a fundamental and comprehensive treatment for a variety of vocal issues, gently releasing and activating your vocal cords;
  • It significantly enhances your vocal cords’ flexibility and range of movement.
  • It allows a resistance exercise of your vocal cords anytime and anywhere.

Important tips:

  • In order to shorten the recovery, it is recommended to minimize your vocal efforts during the first two weeks of the treatment.
  • In order to learn how to speak mildly, without pressing your vocal cords, try to speak with your ears plugged, sensing your voice “inwardly”, and speak as mildly as possible, but do not whisper.

Good luck,


A TMRG specialist