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HOARSENESS?LOST VOICE?Let’s make it better!TMRG delivers faster vocal recovery, ongoing maintenance of your voiceand enhanced vocal performance

TMRG Voice Therapy

The Fastest Way to A Clear and Powerful Voice

A revolutionary voice recovery and vocal quality improvement technique, with instant and surprising results!

TMRG, that has been developing leading vocal solutions for 15 years, now presents the new revolutionary treatment of vocal issues. It is the result of 5 years-long research and international cooperation. It’s an effective treatment for hoarseness and a variety of vocal issues, as well as a vocal support tool for professional singers, lecturers, and everyone who wish to improve their vocal performance.

WHY USE THE “TMRG Voice Therapy Kit”

Because it combines TMRG’s three (3) unique elements.

• Powerful effects of the TMRG solutions

• TMRG Pocket Vox (TPV) device therapy for faster and more effective delivery directly to the vocal cords.

• Vocal technique regime for recovering, strengthening and enhancing your voice.

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“I used them as directed, and within 24 hours my voice was not only back, but with even more resonance than I usually am able to produce! ”.
Eli Prinsen, Singer and Vocal Coach
“I used them and within 30 minutes my voice was back!! I was astounded…They have amazing anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients….they just work!!”.
Joshua Alamu, Vocal Coach to The Voice UK and Pop Idol UK
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 Everything you wanted to know about hoarseness


Have you got up and could hardly speak? Did you start clearing your throat in the middle of a conversation? Do you found your voice coarse, rough and unpleasant to hear? If so, you probably suffer some hoarseness. Hoarseness is usually unpleasant, and sometimes it is painful. In certain lines of occupation, it can even affect your daily performance.

The good news is that more often than not, it is a temporary condition which can be treated quickly and easily. However, if your hoarseness persists, or resists initial treatment, you must consult your doctor to rule out worse diagnoses.

 Causes of hoarseness


Your voice box is in the upper part of your windpipe (Adam’s apple, in males), between your oral cavity and your chest. It is responsible for making sound, and regulates its intensity and tone. Inside your larynx are your vocal cords, a group of muscles arranged in V-shaped formation.     

Hoarseness results from changes in your vocal cords layers, particularly the upper mucous layer, or when the cords’ movement capability is damaged. This makes your cords function like an ill-tuned musical instrument, producing a rough and abnormally sounding voice.

Specific causes for hoarseness:

  • Long speaking, raising your voice, or dry vocal cords due to insufficient drinking.
  • Viral inflammation
  • Upper respiratory tracts Infection;
  • Acid reflux;
  • Intense consumption of caffeine and alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • Continuous cough and dry environment;
  • lesions, such as polyps, warts, cysts, throat cancer, internal laryngeal damage
  • thyroid gland issues
  • Nervous system issues.
  • Voice box and laryngeal space weakness. This condition is mostly common among singers, teachers, lecturers, and other voice professionals, since they use their voice intensely and frequently, on a daily basis.

TMRG, who had already developed many leading vocal issues solutions, offers you another revolutionary vocal issues solution. After a years-long research and international cooperation, we found an easy way of vocal treatment and exercise, which everyone can practice even in severe hoarseness conditions.

Your vocal system, just like the rest of your body, is your most important tool, and must be carefully maintained, treated and protected from wearing off.

TMRG’s treatment combines our effective voice solutions on one hand, and practicing vocal techniques with a TPV device on the other hand. The solutions serve to disinfect and protect the affected area, shortening the vocal cords recovery, and improve your vocal quality. The TPV device allows you to practice inhalation while exercising your vocal cords.