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Light – moderate nasal congestion – TMRG TPV Standard

Moderate to severe nasal congestion TMRG TPV Premium

  • TMRG Voice Therapy kit – Premium (TVT- P)

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All you need to know about nasal congestion

 Nasal Congestion Treatmen


Nasal cavities function

Sinuses and nasal cavities are part of our head resonance areas, and significantly contribute to enhancing our vocal intensity and quality.

Nasal conches, as their name suggests, are conch-like, mucosa-producing cavities. Their special form compresses the air and forces it forwards. While passing through the nose the air is filtered, heated and moisturized to  so it will not harm your lungs.

The importance of keeping your sinuses clear:

If your sinuses, nasal cavities and the rest of your respiratory system are kept clear of mucus excesses, the airflow will be faster and the sounds will come easily and effectively. As a result, you will enjoy a good resonation, a great sound control, and much shorter period of vocal load recovery, than in the case of blocked sinuses.

However, nasal congestion is inevitable in a world where our body intakes many toxic materials through our respiratory system.

Nasal congestion symptoms  

Once your sinuses are blocked, you will feel a lack of air, with the following effects:

  • General fatigue, absentmindedness, nervousness, and other symptoms of low oxygen level.
  • In some cases-headaches, vision, blood circulation, nervous system damages, and other symptoms.
  • Vocal fatigue, due to abnormal airflow. For example, inability to complete a spoken or a sung phrase, due to lack of air.
  • On some occasions, a sensation of dryness in your larynx and hoarseness. After a vocal load, it can even cause lesions, due to the dryness and mucus released by the sinuses. 


What to do in case of nasal congestion?

We recommend the following combination: washing your sinuses with TMRG’s Sinus Funnel, an inhalation with a TPV device, to clear your respiratory system, and regular use of TMRG Voice Saline and Oil Spray. This treatment will clear your sinuses from any accumulated mucus, viruses, bacteria and any other infections. It may also minimize the swelling of your mucosa and enhance their recovery.


How to use the Sinus Funnel:

  1. Fill the water tank with lukewarm water, at 26 centigrade, (your body temperature).
  2. Add one-fourth of a spoonful of iodine-free salt. You can also add one drop of TMRG Voice Synergy Oil to the salt, and then add the salt solution to the water.
  3. Seal the water tank, and shake it gently, to let the water mix with the salt solution.
  4. Fit the opening of the funnel to your nostril.
  5. Slightly draw your head sideways and forward, over a sink.
  6. Let the water flow into your nostril and flow out of your other nostril. Keep your mouth open, to breathe through it throughout the process.
  7. Repeat the process with your other nostril, and so forth. Have occasional intervals, to blow your nose, in order to help the cleaning.
  8. When the process is over, make sure your nostrils are water-free.

We recommend performing such a cleaning daily, for a couple of weeks. Once there is an improvement, we recommend keeping carrying out the cleaning at last once a week, as a preventive action, and to achieve a clear, easily-made voice.

Note: when you perform this process for the first time, you may have a slight burn or sneeze. These will disappear in a few minutes, or after you practice the process for several times, when your mucosa will get used to it.

If you have a cold, flu or similar diseases, we recommend carrying out the process 4 to 5 times a day. In this case, we recommend adding TMRG Synergy Oil to the salt.


Inhalation with TPV device: 

In this process, you inhale hot vapors through your mouth, letting them reach your nasal cavities, windpipe and lungs. If you add oil solutions to the water, the process will help removing toxic materials and mucus excesses from your system.

In case of nasal congestion, you should perform the process at least 3 times a day, 10 minutes at a time. To complete the effect, use TMRG Voice Saline Oil Spray.


The advantages of this treatment:

Using these technique and solutions will not only guarantee an effortless and high quality vocal performance, but will also improve your condition in the following cases:

  • Recurrent ENT inflammations
  • Acidity and mucus residues in the larynx;
  • Sinusitis;
  • Post nasal drip;
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis;
  • Clearing your nasal cavities may even improve your concentration, since concentration difficulties may be caused by oxygen deficiency.

Good luck,


TMRG  voice specialist