Loss of Voice

Recommendations for selecting products by severity level

Light – moderate loss of voice – TMRG TPV Standard

Moderate to severe loss of voice TMRG TPV Premium

  • TMRG Powerful Vocal Recovery Kit (N)

  • TMRG Voice Therapy kit – Premium (TVT- P)

  • TMRG Voice Therapy kit – Standard (TVT-S)

  • TMRG Powerful Vocal Recovery Kit (L)

  • TMRG Voice Synergy Oil (#6)


All you need to know about lost of voice

 Loss of Voice

 Main causes for loss of voice:

  • Most frequently, it is common cold which, in turn, causes hoarseness, followed by an inflammation of the vocal cords. Once your vocal cords inflamed, they get swollen and cannot contact, and therefore you cannot make a sound.
  • Vocal overstraining, without a sufficient vocal rest. It may cause inflammation of the vocal cords, and be worsened by infectious disease.
  • Nervous system damage or muscle damage, for various causes.


Symptoms and early warning signs of loss of voice:


  • Hoarseness and vocal difficulties, gradually worsening to complete or partial loss of voice.
  • Sensations of discomfort, pains, vocal difficulties, hoarseness, insufficient vocal intensity, or roughness.

Be very attentive to your throat and vocal quality.  All the aforementioned symptoms are your body’s way of telling you to take some preventive action. 

As long as your larynx feels well, you can easily control your vocal range and voice production, and your vocal quality is satisfactory.

How to prevent a loss of voice:

The way to prevent the loss of your voice is strictly following the vocal hygiene rules. Bear in mind that an intense vocal effort requires an enormous amount of energy. Therefore make sure to do the following:

  • Very often, all you need is a vocal rest. Make sure to have a sufficiently long night sleep. This will help you not only prevent vocal issues, but also improve your immune system. Also, bear in mind that the nighttime is when your growth hormone, which is responsible for your muscle recovery, is at its maximum level.
  • Make sure to have a diet providing you with a sufficient amount of energy for your vocal effort.
  • Make sure to practice vocal release exercises and any vocal support technique.
  • If you caught a cold, or during a vocal strain, it is recommended to protect your vocal cords with TMRG natural solutions, such as TMRG Voice Powder or TMRG Classic Spray.


loss of voice treatment:

  • A loss of voice usually disappears by itself, if it is caused by the common causes.
  • Make sure to have a vocal rest, and patiently wait for your vocal cords to recover before resuming your regular vocal activity.
  • Do not try to force yourself to speak, and certainly do not press your voice while singing.
  • Resume vocal exercising only when you feel a significant improvement.
  • Carefully make sure to resume your vocal activity gradually.


The best possible treatment is vocal exercises with TPV device.

  • Start with bubbling exercise, breathing in and out, without making a sound.
  • Once you regain even a little of your vocal capacity, start making ascending and descending tones, very gently.
  • Only make sounds in areas where it feels comfortable, without any force or pressure.
  • Slightly expand your vocal range with every improvement.
  • Most importantly, focus on practicing ascending and descending tones of your lower parts of your range.

Again, make sure to resume your vocal exercising only gradually.

A mild vocal exercising with TPV device, using your vocal comfort zones only, will allow you to shorten and most importantly, control  your voice and vocal cords recovery amazingly. 

Good luck,


A TMRG voice specialist