They’re for anyone wishing to treat one’s vocal problems, take vocal preventive measures, maintain one’s vocal system and improve his or her voice. Using these products prevents future ill effects, giving you a wonderful sensation of ease and relief. Singers using them, shall enjoy undreamt of vocal quality.

Our solutions help clear your voice, opening up your resonance cavities, improving your tone color, strengthen your vocal cords and help clearing excessive mucous. They are most effective in cases of mucous, allergies, stomach acidity, cold, sore throat, throat inflammation, etc. treating these disorders directly affects your vocal performance, helping dealing with hoarseness. Our powder isolates your vocal cords with a protective coating, thus rendering them better protected and more flexible, turning your vocal activity into an easy and pleasant experience. Our other products, too, are good for your vocal cords, curing and preserving them, granting an outstanding performance experience to the singers among you.

Our line of products, designed to treat vocal cords symptoms, kick starts the bodily natural healing process. This involves practicing the instructions in the attached information and using the products as long as it takes.

You shall feel relieved from the very first day you use our products. The exact duration of healing depends on several conditions, such your body’s natural rate of recovery, the duration of the problem, the warts’ extent, the time you’ve been suffering from that disorder, your general physical health and immune system’s conditions, to what extent you practice the proper speaking and vocal hygiene rules, in order not to impair the recovery process. The healing may be short, but it can also take several months. Yet you should feel relieved and better off right from the start, feeling increasingly better with time.

We recommend you should use our products intensively. Once you feel a relief, reduce the dosage gradually, yet keep using them until you fully recover.

Certainly! Our experience proves that recovery starts on the very first treatment day, there is a significant improvement, with the voice starts reappearing. You must, of course, proceed with the treatment until your vocal cords fully recover.

Certainly! Use the TMRG kit, consisting of our solution and instructional CDs. Listen to CDs 1 and 2, on proper speaking practices.

Well, I, too, don’t; believe anything unless I see its effects. Fortunately, we successfully help many people, saving them from surgical treatment (see our testimonials page). And these are just a fraction of our successes.

Our solutions protect your voice, allowing you to fully exploit your vocal potential, possibly allowing you to make a vocal quantum leap.

Well, you probably watch your vocal cords carefully, and a singer can improve one’s voice quality by training, practice, and watching one’s vocal cords. Yet, singers using our solutions report their tone colors significantly improved, their voice getting much clearer and their performance a way better.

Use our products and information kit. If your problem is not solved completely, we recommend you should have a vocal diagnosis, with an examination and further treatment recommendations.

It has 2 parts:
1-a further treatment recommendations, based on the results of an eyeball examination, specifically of the iris and the white of the eye.
2-vocal instruction, with a treatment plan customized to the patient.
If necessary, it also includes prescription of customized solutions and further treatment recommendations.

It gets clearer, acquires better color, your vocal performance is evidently better, and your throat feels easy and comfortable.

They shouldn’t, but nonetheless, there is always a little chance of a person getting too sensitive to one natural substance or another. If you suspect any side effects, stop taking the solution and consult us.

For treating an existing disorder, take them daily, depending on the extent of the problem. When there are no problems, you can take them before vocal activity, for regularly maintaining or improving your voice.

An immediate effect is reported almost every time.

As long as you need them, either before a performance, for regularly maintaining your voice, or until improvement.

The expiry date is mentioned on the bottle, according to Ministry of Health’s regulations. Usually, their shelf life is 3 years long.

Our rate of success is over 90 percents. We believe we can cure, or at least significantly relieve, nearly anyone with vocal disorder.

The use instructions clearly specify the dosage in the cases of regular maintenance, before vocal activity and acute problem treatment.

We have vocal instructions on preventing hoarseness and on vocal cords stress relief techniques, complete with home practice instructional CDs.

In case of an acute disorder, use it until recovery. In case the problem is just strain, we recommend you use it when necessary, or regularly, before any vocal effort. A regular use has the benefit of preserving and improving your vocal capabilities, resulting in easy, effortless singing or speaking.

Not at all! But be careful, since the results are (LOL)