Our Shop: Vocal Problems

Are you hoarse? Lost your voice? Want it back quickly? Don’t have the time, money or patience for doctors? If you suffer from the common cold, from stomach acidity or from voice exertion, or any problem that affects your voice, we have the solution for you. TMRG Solutions TMRG Solutions were developed by the TMRG Vocal Institute. After 20 years of vocal coaching and different vocal problems  we understood that no amount of coaching will by itself prevent vocal problems. Like professional athletes, no matter how trained, who ALWAYS suffer injuries, so will the most trained vocalist lose their voice.  So we set our goal to develop quick solutions that will heal your voice and maintain your vocal health.

TMRG Solutions were developed for 10 years by researchers in the field of Vocal Coaching and Natural Medicine for Vocal Problems and have been tested on thousands of vocalists that helped perfect our 100% natural formula

Vocal Problems

We now offer a suite of products that can bring your voice back and prevent further problems.

  • TMRG Powerful Vocal Recovery Kit (N)

  • TMRG Powerful Vocal Recovery Kit (L)

  • TMRG Classic Drops (#1)

  • TMRG Classic Spray (#2)

  • TMRG Power (#3)

  • TMRG Powder (#4)

  • TMRG Oils and Saline Spray (#5)

  • TMRG Voice Synergy Oil (#6)

  • 7 Emergency Tips

  • Guide to a Healthy Voice

  • Healthy Vocal Diet

  • TMRG Concentrated Classic (#77)

  • TMRG Voice Therapy kit – Standard (TVT-S)

  • TMRG Voice Therapy kit – Premium (TVT- P)