Vocal cords cysts

Recommendations for selecting products by severity level

Light – moderate  Vocal cords cystsTMRG TPV Standard + #4 

Moderate to severe  Vocal cords cysts TMRG TPV Premium

  • TMRG Voice Therapy kit – Premium (TVT- P)

  • TMRG Voice Therapy kit – Standard (TVT-S)

  • TMRG Classic Drops (#1)

  • TMRG Powder (#4)


All you need to know about vocal chords cysts

 Vocal cords cysts


Cysts on vocal cord are pocket-like gland  filled with fluids secreted by vocal cords mucosa.


Main causes of vocal cords cysts:     

  • Vocal overstraining or incorrect use of your vocal cords.

Vocal professionals, just like athletes, must be attentive to their body. After a  vocal effort, like after any other physical efforts, you must have a rest.

A continuous vocal effort without a rest, or an abrupt

vocal effort, when your cords are too exhausted for that effort, might traumatize your vocal folds, resulting in various lesions.


 In case of an existing damage, an insufficient rest will not allow your cords heal, thus worsening the damage, sometimes to the extent of lesions.


Common symptoms of vocal cords cysts:

  • Hoarseness
  • Restricted vocal range
  • ‘Thickened’ voice.
  • Sensation of a foreign object in your larynx.
  • Vocal discomfort.

And there are many other symptoms.


Vocal cords cyst treatment:

Conventional medical often includes surgery.

However here, as in many other cases, we prefer conservative treatment: restoring your vocal cord’s activity and voice capacity by using TMRG’s natural solutions and exercises.

Our treatment have resulted in significant improvement of vocal cords mobility and vocal production.

Our purpose is primarily to restore your vocal performance.


 The treatment for vocal cords cysts:

TMRG’s treatment of vocal cords cysts combines exercising with the TPV extras kit, followed by an appropriate period of vocal rest.


It is to be stressed that both vocal rest and exercising are necessary, in case of acute vocal issues.

Exercising without sufficient rest will only worsen the problem.

Similarly, rest alone will not improve your condition. Eventually, it will even weaken your vocal cords.


 The advantages of the treatment:

  • Exercising with a TPV kit is very easy and takes no longer than one minute at a time. It consists of breathing in and breathing out. The breathing in involves an inhalation of vapors, which serves to relax your vocal cords. The breathing out, overcoming the water’s resistance ,while making ascending and descending tones, serves to stretch and strengthen your vocal cords increasing their flexibility. .
  • The combination of breathing exercises and TMRG natural solutions serves to soften, disinfect and protect the damaged area.


 Good luck


TMRG  voice specialist