TMRG Power (#3)

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Extra Strength Professional Vocal Drops for Voice Repair and Maintenance


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Suitable for:  The Voice Power- Fortified is for the experienced TMRG users, and may need a stronger, more powerful and faster solution.

Description and effects: The ingredients are identical to the Classic products, but with a stronger concentration.

How to use: shake before use – stir 10-20 drops with 2 teaspoons water in a glass, gargle and swallow.

Use as needed up to 6 times a day.

Note: Please note that due to the intense strength of this product it does have a “bitter” taste, but can be sweetened with honey, sugar or diluted with water.

Storage: dry, cool and shaded place.

Common benefits of the TMRG Classic Voice Power: The Classic Voice Power assists the natural healing process of the vocal folds in recovering from vocal injury. Further, the Classic Voice Power helps clear the respiratory system and folds from any unwanted allergic waste including thick phlegm. Another benefit presents itself in the reduction of inflammation, redness, swelling and allergies. The Classic Voice Power has been known to also assist in the reduction of vocal lesions such as nodes and edema* (see the star below, for disclaimer note)                                  

Recommendation: Singers are advised to use a generous amount of the TMRG spray OR TMRG drops before every show. This is the entertainers’ secret solutions for the reduction of vocal lesions such as nodes and edema.

Products can be combined together to create a cocktail of effective remedies for more intermediate vocal conditions or seriously overworked voices. A true entertainers secret solution performers love to use.

“I had a madly intensive performance week, including weekend, so I got to my next performance absolutely hoarse. I took TMEG Solution, and it was unimaginably helpful!”


“I must tell you my about last night’s experience: this solution is unbelievable! It feels like I’m back in my good old days. It felt so good to sing high tones effortlessly. I’m so happy! Thanks a lot!”


“thank God I took this solution! Yesterday I performed, for the fourth night in a row, for the first time in my vocal performance history. My voice gets better day by day. It’s a regular miracle. Well done!”


“I tried it yesterday, before performance, and it actually worked, although I have vocal cords edemas, because I smoke. Since I cannot quit, I;m always in search of ways of relieving this problem. Currently, this solution starts making a difference. I must keep trying it.”

A. Levy

“An opera singer having to deal with much vocal strains, and having an excellent vocal technique, I’ve always looked for that additional method of voice maintenance and preventing colds, allergies, and throat inflammations.
When I happened to find the natural-base TMRG products, I finally discovered what regularly maintains my vocal cords, preventing them from catching all kinds of viruses and external diseases, providing them with maximum protection and flexibility. Recently, I had a sequence of 12 extremely challenging concerts, with 2 performances a day, of hard-core operatic repertoire.
So, thanks to my vocal technique, but mostly to TMRG products, I sailed through these performances, with flying colors, keeping my voice loud and clear. I’ve always recommended, and always will recommend all my fellow-performers of classical, popular, and liturgical vocal music, and everyone whose occupation involves using his voice, using TMRG’s fantastic products!”


30ml of food additive, containing 50% alcohol Glycerin, water, alcohol, reishi mushroom , marjoram, licorice, thyme oil

Warning: pregnant or breastfeeding women, people on prescription medications and children must consult a doctor before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Storage: in a cool dry place.

Expiry: within 3 years from manufacture date.

TMRG is a great entertainers’ secret voice solution, a real remedy for a myriad of different vocal problems, but if the condition is chronic, complex or severe, e.g. – vocal fold blisters/edema etc, – it is highly advised that you consult the advice of a Doctor or ENT specialist in addition to using any of our specialized kits that deal with more serious vocal issues. Always consult your doctor or ENT specialist.

All TMRG solutions are dietary supplements, not medications.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, persons taking prescription drugs and children should consult a physician.

As part of the recovery from hoarseness, the body drains waste from the respiratory system and larynx. It is rarely necessary to reduce dosage (when you feel temporarily uncomfortable)

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    Great product, Much stronger taste then the TMRG classic, but seems to work faster too.

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