TMRG Powder (#4)


Gel Powder for Emergency and Preventive Measures in Heightened Vocal Load Situations


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Suitable for: The powder is a voice and throat supplement beneficial for many and varied vocal difficulties including hoarseness, overload, dryness, vocal fatigue, voice production difficulties, harshness, soreness while producing voice, vocal fold afflictions, such as warts, etc.

The powder is effective in soothing the irritation and effects of acid reflux in the throat and mouth, it simply creates a thin cushioning layer that coats the vocal tract.

Description and effects: The ease and comfort will be evident upon use during voice production! The voice and throat supplement powder create a cushioning layer protecting against wear. It helps and accelerates healing of wounds/afflictions such as warts. Softens the vocal folds, improving flexibility and closure of the vocal folds

Does your throat feel like it’s on fire! Well, the thick ‘gel-like’ quality of TMRG Powder will help to soothe the mouth and throat area from the effects of irritation, coughing or discomfort in the vocal tract caused by reflux issues and allergies etc.
And it comes with bonuses:
• The Guide to Vocal Protection
• The Guide to Healthy Vocal Diet

How to use: Drink 1-2 glasses of water before use the voice and throat supplement powder. Add 1 level teaspoon (measuring scoop is included inside the bottle) to half glass of water while stirring until a homogenous mixture is obtained. Wait 10 minutes until thick and drink slowly. Use as needed up to 4 times a day. If the mixture obtained is not homogenous, containing many lumps, just add more water and stir quickly.

Important notice: Do not consume medications, pills or vitamin for two hours after ingesting the powder.

Warning: pregnant or breastfeeding women, people on prescription medications and children must consult a doctor before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Storage: Dry, cool and shaded place (not to be stored in direct sunlight). 

Expiry: within 3 years form manufacture date.

More information on this powder’s effects and benefits:

  • It helps the immune system by absorbing toxins and pathogenic microbes, thus preventing vocal cords damage. It also prevents heartburns caused by acidities rising from the gullet and harming the vocal cords.
  • It strengthens your pylorus, thus reducing the stomach acids effects which are very harmful to the vocal cords, since they burn it, making sound-generation more difficult.
  • It coats your vocal cords with protective gel-like layer.
    It helps the healing of injuries, warts or any other vocal cords symptoms, by contracting the cords. This means that it can start the healing process of warts, cysts, polyps and other vocal cords injuries.
  • It is an effective treatment of vocal cords and throat inflammations.
  • The herbs it contains have also other beneficial effects, not directly related to vocal cords, such as lowering blood pressure, blood cholesterol level, relieving diabetes, constipation, etc.

Recommendations: Can be mixed with milk or pudding, especially where children are concerned.

Useful tips: When one is experiencing various degrees

Contents: 85g of TMRG Powder

guar gum, fructose, cocoa powder, psyllium

“I use both of your solutions, the normal one and the powerful one, and I feel an immense improvement. So I’ve asked my natural medicine dealer for more of your products”.


TMRG is a great remedy for a myriad of different vocal problems, but if the condition is chronic, complex or severe, e.g. – vocal fold blisters / edema etc, – it is highly advised that you consult the advice of a Doctor or ENT specialist in addition to using any of our specialized kits that deal with more serious vocal issues. Always consult your doctor or ENT specialist.

All TMRG solutions are dietary supplements, not medications.

Pregnant women, breast-feeding women, persons taking prescription drugs and children should consult a physician.

As part of the recovery from hoarseness, the body drains waste from the respiratory system and larynx. It is rarely necessary to reduce dosage (when you feel temporarily uncomfortable)

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