Improve resonance and voice quality

Recommendations for selecting products by severity level

Light – moderate improvment – #77 + # 5 + # 2

Moderate to severe  improvment TMRG TPV Standard + # 77 + #3 + #5

  • TMRG Classic Spray (#2)

  • TMRG Concentrated Classic (#77)

  • TMRG Power (#3)

  • TMRG Oils and Saline Spray (#5)

  • TMRG Voice Synergy Oil (#6)


All you need to know about Improve resonance and voice quality

How to give your voice a greater depth and brilliance, and use more resonance space?

This is what every singer, actor or lecturer dream of- having an exciting voice, reaching for their listeners’ hearts and souls. Wouldn’t be wonderful to know your voice will have the ‘wow’ effect once you open your mouth?

How I discovered TMRG natural solutions 

I have studied vocal techniques for many years, always exploring new and occasionally odd techniques. I never stopped searching techniques and exercises, which might help me, and my students improve our vocal quality, enrich our tones, and give our voices the long sought-after charm and luster. This is a rare treasure, only found by a handful of geniuses.

My quest led me to discover fascinating ways of achieving a variety of vocal effects, yet it fell short of what I was after. I was looking for the secret of reaching the peak of one’s vocal performance anytime and under any circumstance, with short notice, calmly and confidently.

I didn’t restrict myself to the fields of vocal instruction, but also looked for that magic technique in a variety of alternative medicine disciplines, such as aromatherapy, herbalism, classic and modern homeopathy, etc.

As part of my exploration, I also tested the effects of medicinal herbs’ combinations on my own and, occasionally, my students’ vocal system.

My persistent exploration eventually gave birth to TMRG Solutions: a series of herbal essences, oils and devices intended to address   vocal issues, as well as enhancing vocal capacity, brilliance, depth and many other vocal qualities.

How it all works:

  • TMRG herbal essences and oils clear your vocal cords and respiratory system of acid and phlegm excesses, thus making your tone clearer and more brilliant instantly.
  • Importantly, TMRG solutions also enhance the blood supply to your vocal cords. This significantly shortens your vocal cords recovery in case of a damage, and amazingly improves their performance.
  • TMRG solutions also help you breathe more easily and control your airflow better. The clearing of your resonance cavities will immediately improve the color of your voice.
  • Washing your sinuses with TMRG sinus funnel and hopi ear candling will open up new resonance areas and ease the airflow through your sinuses. The sinuses are part of your natural amplification system. Therefore, keeping them clear of any obstacles will quickly improve your vocal quality.  If you have to perform after a flight, make sure to candle your ears, since the air pressure during the flight may damage your hearing. As a result, you might increase the pressure on your vocal cords.
  • Vocal exercising with a TPV device, overcoming the water’s resistance, will make your vocal cord stronger and more flexible, and expand your respiratory system.
  • A combination of exercising with TPV device and using TMRG natural solutions will relax and energize your vocal muscles, providing them a perfect disinfection, easing their operation.

 To conclude:

  • TMRG solutions will disinfect and clear your resonance areas, thus helping you maintain your resonance cavities and allow you to channel your sound there. TMRG solutions will also help enhance the blood and energy supply to your vocal muscles.
  • Vocal Exercising with TPV device will help you warm up and strengthen your vocal folds and your respiratory muscles. Therefore, the combination of using TMRG natural solutions with exercising with TPV device will allow you a better airflow control and a better operation of your vocal cords.

Good luck,


TMRG specialist.